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Our skilled teams specialize in developing tailored indoor mini theaters and outdoor amphitheaters for recreational areas. We take pride in creating elegant and presentable theater rooms for societies, homes, and clubhouses. Our professionals are trained to design a theater room that goes beyond a giant screen and spectacular sound. We understand that it is an artful combination of architecture, furnishings, lighting, and acoustic walls & ceilings. An amphitheater serves as a gateway to a theater experience, providing an outdoor setting with a semi-circular or fan-shaped auditorium facing an artificial grass, masonry, or wooden stage. These oval-shaped spaces feature steep tiers of seats surrounding a flat event area, reminiscent of the iconic amphitheaters in Rome.



- Mini Theatre:

False Ceiling, Lighting, 

Seating and Sound Proof

Walls. Electronics not included.


- Amphitheatre:

Seating System, Stage 

Area, Hardscaping of

Floors and Lighting. 

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